Re-enactment is something that isn’t quite known in the Netherlands. With this online platform I try to change this and give re-enacting more notoriety. Join me in the interesting world we call re-enactment of the period 1814-1815, better know as Napoleonic re-enactment.

Hi, my name is Ben and welcome to my platform. 

A lot is going on in the Napoleonic re-enactment community. With Re-enactment buddies we try to keep you informed on all that is going on. Click on the banner to see all the posts or click on the latest posts to go direct to that specific message. 

Go to this page to learn about the different associations. Belguim, Dutch, British and all other allies can be found here. 

When I am at an event to participate or to cover it for Re-enactmentbuddies I often have someone with me who makes beautiful photographs. On this page you can see them along with the video coverage I make. 

A lot of events take place around Europe. Click on the banner and check the calendar for the upcomung events.

Step into the world of tabletop wargaming with these well-known minifigures and bring the great Napoleonic battles to your table.

To get the full re-enactment experience you can hardly do this without clothing and equipment and here you will find what you need and more.

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