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​​If I need anything for my re-enactment portrayal, the number one place I go to is, as some of you already know,  Coopers Choice. I am busy making some Youtube videos about re-enactment of the Napoleonic Era. I want to present these videos waring an Ensign uniform of the Dutch National Militia. 

I asked Maarten, of Coopers Choice, if he could make me an officers Shako of the Dutch National Militia and if he could acquire an officers sword and sash. Only thing he needed was my head size. At an Napoleonic event in Holland I went to his shop so he could take my measurements and after an amusing chat with him I went my merry way and let him do his magic.

Some time later I received a message from Coopers Choice that sword and sash were ready. Short time after that I received a message that my shako was ready as well. I went to his place to pick it all up and after a great talk, about what’s going on in the world of re-enactment, he revealed my brand new shako. What I saw was nothing more than high quality craftsmanship.

The sword was exactly what I was looking for. It looks like it can do some serious damage on the fields of battle but also has the sophistication that suits an officer. The orange sash was custom made. Specially woven for me. The bright colour filled my heart with pride for it is the colour of my home country. 

The shako, like most items in the re-enactment world, was hand made. Again custom made just for me. I wore it all day on my head during a photoshoot and it felt very comfortable. 

Many thanks to Coopers Choice and the people who made these beautifull items. I can’t wait to wear all this during the upcoming re-enactment events. 

Coopers Choice:


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